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Is it time to get your house exterior cleaned up? Are the windows in your business premises dirty and cloudy? Perhaps you’re worried about the gunk in your gutters catching a fire which will burn down the property. Are the sidewalks covered in gum? Does the parking lot have patches of oil stains left behind by the cars that use it? Perhaps there are tire marks that you want to get rid of. Graffiti on the walls, paint flakes and other unsightly features ruin the look and feel of the premises. Your elegant residential or commercial premises that was once a source of pride begins to age rapidly. You no longer look forward to coming home after work. The sight that greets you ruins your mood even before you get through the front door. Some even put off inviting guests altogether. No one looks forward to those awkward questions from relatives-especially in-laws- about the state of cleanliness of their property. The questioning looks from neighbours passing by in the morning as they head out to their duties, and the occasional jogger on the evening run, are not something you look forward to. In business premises, you want it to be a source of admiration, not stick out like a sore thumb. The dirt that winds up on the surfaces comes from numerous sources- foot traffic, pollutants like vehicle exhaust, all through to the dust that is blown onto them by the wind. Then there’s the organic matter such as algae and fungi that develops on the walls patios, pool decks, to the roofing on the house. Those black, green, and even grey discolourations make them unsightly. Call in the professional power washing Dublin team to restore the elegance to your establishment.

Curb appeal is critical. A good looking exterior is not just memorable- when it comes to real estate, it can make or break a sale. Buyers will drive by after seeing a house, office or even retail space they stumbled on online. What will they see? The outdoors- from the front entry and yard, to the driveway and sidewalks. It gives interested persons a snapshot of what to expect of the indoors. They create an emotional connection with the place- whether good or bad. Questions pop up in their mind: Can they live or work there? Will they be able to maintain their current lifestyle? How much work will they have to do to settle in and get things on track? Chipped paint on the front door due to the keys constantly banging against it, soiled siding, and windows streaked with insect residue, cobwebs on the ceiling of your porch, bird waste and tree sap on the sidewalks, or stained steps to the house will all give the buyers a negative opinion before they walk into the building. Professional power washing will give your property the wow factor. It even factors in during regular building maintenance- like when you’re painting during a remodelling project. Whether it’s changing the colour of the shutters to spruce them up, adding a fresh coat of trim around your doors and windows, or a complete overhaul of the existing paint to give the building a fresh new look, you’ll want to first clear out the dirt on the surface. It prevents the new coats of paint from sticking strongly, which causes them to peel. First, this is unsightly, and the results are disappointing. That’s not how you envisioned things turning out. Secondly, making repairs will be costly, since you’ll need to redo the entire project. Get it right from the onset by hiring expert power washing services to prepare the surface for the painting.

The Dirt Problem

Dirt puts the structural integrity of your property at risk. Something as simple as dead insects and gunk in the panes on your windows prevents them from being opened and closed easily. When excessive force is applied, it causes them to break. The mould, mildew and other organic matter growing on the sidewalks, patio, and walls of the building damage the surface, increases the amount of maintenance that will be needed. All that gunk piling up in the gutters, from the leaves to the debris, can cause it to block. This prevents adequate drainage, causing water damage to the surrounding structures and even landscaping down below. Your roofing is not out of the danger-zone, especially if it has the cyanobacteria algae called Gloeocapsa Magma. It literally feeds on the material, especially the limestone filler. The roots dig deeper into the roof, damaging the tiles and shingles. This affects their ability to keep rain water out, and also the flow of heat in and out of the building. The hot afternoons get hotter, and the cold nights colder. You end up spending more to run your heating and cooling system, meaning higher bills will be awaiting you at the end of the month. You can prevent these problems from the start by getting professional power washing Dublin services.

There are also health risks involved. Dust itself is an allergen, constantly being blown into the air by gusts of wind and each time a vehicle whizzes by. It causes symptoms ranging from coughing, sneezing and watery eyes, triggers asthma attacks and worsens respiratory conditions such as bronchitis. The organic matter like mould and mildew that develop release spores, which are allergens. The fungi also cause infections such as pulmonary haemorrhage. Some of their species produce mycotoxins, capable of damaging organs like the liver. You don’t want to be surrounded by such an unhealthy setting. Don’t forget the immediate risks to the body from injuries. Algae and moss growing on the sidewalks, pool decks and patio are slippery, especially when wet. You don’t want persons getting strains and sprains, or concussions and other head injuries from fall accidents. Protect your family members at home and the persons in your business premises by scheduling regular power washing sessions.

How Power Washing Eliminates The Grime

The pressure washer is not a magic wand. You don’t just wave it over the windows, deck or driveway and, presto, they’re clean. It’s an intricate system that relies on the washing power of water and additional detergents applied at high pressure to get the grime off your surfaces. Let’s start with the critical component: water. It’s used all around the world to get things clean, and for good reason. Its molecules have slight electrical polarity, enabling them to stick to things all by themselves. The detergents come in to assist the breakdown of the grime, which makes it easier for the water to flush it away. But then there are those situations when scrubbing and scouring doesn’t do the trick, time is limited, or there is simply too much surface to cover. That’s where the power washing equipment comes in. A narrow jet of high pressure water blasts the dirt off the surface. Since it’s travelling at a high velocity, the jet hit the surface with high kinetic energy, which knocks off the dirt. Here’s how the components enable it to achieve this:

First there’s the water inlet. This is where the water from the main supply comes in, and it has a filter to prevent dirt and debris from entering and clogging it up. The electric motor or gas engine that is used powers the water pump, which is literally the heart of the pressure washer. As the engine draws in water from the supply, it forces the pump in the opposite direction which squirts out water in a high pressure stream. A hose delivers the water to the cleaning attachment that is being used, to direct the jet to the surface. The nozzle through which it passes is reinforced to be able to handle the load. Depending on the surface being worked on, our team can employ a simple trigger, spinning wand or even a rotating brush. Then there are additional issues such as the angle being used to clean, the amount of pressure that is safe for the particular surface, temperatures employed, the safety precautions taken and the very purpose the power washing equipment is being used for. It’s mainly cleaning, but it can also be used to strip paint off walls during remodelling jobs, and in industrial and engineering settings the pressure washing gear is used to alter equipment.

High And Low psi Power Washing

It’s all about the force being applied by the blast of water and cleaning solution, measured in psi (pounds per square inch). High psi means the blast hitting the surface is strong, and low psi means the inverse is true. The main factor of consideration is the type of the surface being washed, plus the kind of soiling on it. Fences, oil stains on the parking lot and garage floors, sidewalks, grime on driveways, the dirty decks and patios, graffiti removal, construction-site cleaning jobs, and fleet maintenance all require high pressure washing. The pressures here can clock over 4000psi. The gunk will come off easier and faster, plus the surface being cleaned can handle it. The same applies when the surface is being prepped for painting, where the gunk plus previous coatings need to be removed. When it comes to cleaning large industrial equipment and structures such as bridges, ratings as high as 50000psi can be used.

For vehicles or patio furniture, you don’t want to blast them with pressure meant for the asphalt driveway. They are more delicate, and low psi is used for the process. It usually goes up to 2000psi. The low pressure comes with high flow. More gallons per minute (gpm) are delivered, which enables the power washing equipment to reach those elevated areas in your establishment, from the gutters and second storey windows, to getting the cobwebs and insect nests off the corners. The low psi pressure washing is also carried out on glass table tops, when cleaning pollen and mould spores, grills, plastic play sets, plus the small decks and patios.

Hybrid power washing can also be employed, which incorporates high pressure and high flow, for instance, 4000 psi and 4 gpm. It can even go to 6900 psi. The cleaning solutions are blasted onto the surface with powerful forces, and still get to reach to those tricky areas in your establishment. The method applied by our power washing personnel will be the most suitable for the particular type of surface, to clean and simultaneously protect it.

The Temperature Effect In Power washing

To understand this better, let’s take a look at the dishwashing process. Ordinary gunk and food particles on your plates can be removed using cold water and some dishwashing liquid. But what of the grease on the cooking pots and pans? Or the oily residue left behind on the utensils after a meal? You turn to hot water. The higher the temperature, the more effective the clean. High temperatures increase the energy levels in molecules, causing them to break free of their bonds to each other. Remember the high school chemistry lessons on changes in state- from solid, then liquid to gaseous? It’s all about applying heat and raising the temperature of the substance. When it comes to power washing, the high temperatures enable the grease particles to easily get dislodged from the surfaces onto which they are embedded, making it easier to clean. This is in addition to the force of the blast of pressurised water onto the surface. Hot water power washing is consequently commonly applied when getting rid of the oily and greasy stains such as those on driveways, pavements and garage floors.

Cold water power washing is used more frequently, since the mechanical force alone is enough to dislodge the dirt from most surfaces being cleaned. For tougher stains, equipment with higher psi and gpm values can be used. The force breaks down the impurities, washing them off the surface being cleaned. The cold water power washing is also suitable for surfaces with material such as plastic and some types of paint and rubber, which would be damaged by high temperatures.

Costly Errors Of DIY Power Washing

There is a common assumption that power washing is just about hosing down a dirty surface, and the gunk will come right off. This could not be further from the truth. The power washing process requires skill and experience to be carried out safely and effectively. Common mistakes made during DIY and rookie cleaning include:

1. Using too much pressure

“The higher the pressure, the faster and more thorough the clean”. While this has some grain of truth in it, it is not the rule. The pressure used to remove the stubborn dirt on the parking lot can blast the paint right off the walls of your building. You don’t want to shatter screens, or push water into the back of your vinyl siding, causing cracks and mould growths. Underestimating the force of the jet of water coming out of the cleaning attachment can lead to widespread damage, from forming lines on the siding, to stripping parts of the wood decking. The surface finish from the sealants to the polish may not be able to handle the force of the blast, meaning that you’ll need to refinish the area you had worked on.

2. Relying on just water

While water is the global default cleaning fluid, it is not quite effective on the stubborn soiling and stains, and also grease residues. Loading the washer with just water for the power washing reduces the effectiveness, leads to wastage, and also means you could spend hours working on just one section of your establishment. The appropriate cleaning products for the surface need to be diluted and fed into the washer for a thorough clean.

3. Misdirection

It’s not simply a matter of pointing and spraying. The right angle of approach has to be used, otherwise the surface finish will be weakened, paint stripped off, or soiling spread around, increasing your workload. You also don’t want to force the water through the seals of the windows and doors, soaking the furniture and other items in the establishment with water. Cases have been witnessed where breakages occurred, carpets got drenched, and the wood flooring soaked up too much moisture that it ended up getting damaged.

4. Improper balancing

This is usually when trying to access those upper-storey surfaces and roofing. You have a ladder, a power washing hose, cleaning attachment to direct and you’re doing it on the rungs of the ladder. Fall accidents are common, causing injuries to body parts from the arms and legs, to the head and spine. You don’t want to put yourself in harm’s way. Call in our professional power washing Dublin team, who come with the skills and equipment needed to access those hard-to-reach places in your establishment.

5. Lack of safety precautions

Imagine a customer walking to your business premises and slipping on the wet sidewalks and entry ways. The lawsuits that you would end up facing will be detrimental to your enterprise, from the funds meted out for claims, to the negative publicity from the locality all through to social media. There’s also those situations when persons walk into the jet of water. The powerful forces can fell adults, and the impact has greater repercussions when it hits kids and pets.

Debunking Myths About Power Washing

· As long as I can use a garden hose, I can pressure wash

They are not in the same ball park. Power washing is an intricate processes, taking into account high pressures, temperature changes and using cleaning solutions to get the job done. You need experience and proper training in order to avoid the mistakes mentioned above that are common with DIY projects. Failure to use professionals puts your property and your personal wellbeing, plus those of the other people in the establishment, at risk.

· All you need is high pressure

Higher is not always the option. There are sections on and around the building that lower pressure levels are required. Take the siding for instance. Too much pressure will force water behind it, causing cracks and enabling mould and mildew to grow. Cleaning products are also needed when it comes to emulsifying greasy and oily residues left on the surfaces. In addition, hot water can also be used to increase the efficacy of the operations.

· Cheaper is better

You get what you pay for. The cheapest services will cost you in the long run. Companies offering the lowest fees means that they cut on costs incurred elsewhere, like paying for insurance or getting low quality equipment. This affects the results of the cleaning process, and risks damaging the property. What’s worse is that the lack of insurance coverage leaves you with colossal bills to pay for repairs and replacement. On the other hand, the costs may be low on the onset, then extra charges crop up during the processes increasing the amount that you will pay after the project has been completed. Give your property the care it deserves by getting professional power washing services that have been competitively priced without affecting the quality of the service delivery.

· Water is everything

If this was the case, then rain could have got the place clean by itself. The truth is specialised detergents with the cleaning strength are required to tackle stubborn stains, and kill mould and other fungal growths. They will need to be incorporated during the power washing process, to ensure superb results.

· Power washing is only necessary when there are stains and mould growths

Don’t wait for it to reach that far. Preventing it from happening is always better than holding out for soiling to accumulate, which increases the amount of risk to the property during the wait. Scheduling regular power washing services will ensure that your establishment is always in pristine condition

Value Of Expert Power Washing Services

1. Power tools for a thorough clean

Our power washing Dublin team comes on site with state-of-the-art equipment designed to deliver quality results. Electric, ultra-high pressure cleaners and even hydraulic pressure cleaners are utilised depending on the surface being attended to. Everything from this sidewalks and parking lots, to the walls of high rise apartments and the roofing of the building is cleaned, leaving the premises all freshened up. Powerful cleaning products are added to the water stream to break down the set-in stains, restoring the elegance to your establishment.

2. Efficient cleaning

Our power washing tools have been designed to offer great output with minimal consumption. In fact, they are 10 to 50 times more powerful than a garden hose, but use close to 80% less water. Since power washing remains true to its name, the high power utilised to blast off the soiling on your premises means that a large expanse can be covered in a short time. This cuts down the amount of disruption in your premises, allowing you to get back to your day-to-day activities quickly.

3. Truck-mounted equipment

Our power washing Dublin team rolls by in trucks that are fully equipped to ensure that the cleaning goes on undeterred. The mobile water supply enables the washing to be carried out with the required temperature and pressure. The flexibility of the services enables them to be provided 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, even for emergency cleaning.

4. Versatility

Whether you want your driveway, parking lot, shop entry way, roofing, windows, swing sets, a factory or warehouse floor, or even the fences, pool decks and patio of your premises cleaned, our power washing Dublin team is up to the task. The services are available to residential establishments, from apartments to condominiums, and commercial premises like restaurants, hotels, retail stores, malls, gas stations, drive-thrus, recreational centres, education and health care centres, nursing homes, all through to fleet cleaning in the marine and auto industries.

5. Protect your property

You want the beauty and appeal of your premises to last. Whether it’s your home, office or retail space, recreational or entertainment centre, you want its elegance and structural integrity to hold out for ages. This is hampered by the dirt and grime developing on it, and the power washing comes in to protect your investment. After all, you spent loads of funds getting the place you desire and moving in, and the last thing you want for it is to become abhorrent. By getting rid of the gunk, mildew and algae, the power washing enables your sidewalks and parking lot, walls all up to the roofing to withstand the test of time. Thus, you get a value return for the investment you made, and increase the quality of your home and working life.

6. Avoid the risks

Damaged paint, blown window seams, destroyed landscaping, using the wrong pressure washing angle, dangling for too long over the surface and ending up cutting into it, double paned windows getting their seals broken, which causes fogging between the two layers of glass- you don’t want any of these DIY mistakes happening on your property. Then there are also those incidences when the building’s electrical service-entrance cables, electrical meter, exterior outlets or exterior lights get blasted with water. Water and electricity don’t mix, and you don’t want to risk getting electric shocks. What of when you’re using a ladder to access those hard-reach areas? There are a lot of factors to consider, from positioning the footing at the proper angle to balancing well when you have to operate the pressure washer with both hands while atop the ladder. Falls are common. You don’t want to risk injury to yourself or the surface being cleaned. Safety precautions are also needed, otherwise persons walking on the wet surface can have slip and fall accidents, or someone can walk right into the line of a blast of pressurised water. If at close range some pressures can break asphalt off the driveway, such impact on the skin would be adverse. Upper body injury, especially to the head, can lead to wide range of complications. You don’t have to risk trauma. You can avoid the medical bills and lawsuits when incidences occur on your business premises, not to mention the costly repairs that will be needed on the damaged surface. Simply call up our power washing Dublin team to take care of the job for you. They have the skills and experience needed to remove the grime while protecting the property, and put in place the necessary precautions and signage to protect the persons on your premises.

7. Safe for Mother Nature

It’s green cleaning. We all have a role to play in protecting. After all, there is no planet B to move to. Our children and their children are relying on us to pass down a habitable planet that can sustain them. As such, numerous efforts are being put in place around the world to encourage green practices in all sectors of life- from our living and working, to the cleaning processes. Our team utilises biodegradable cleaning products injected into the water stream to get rid of those stubborn stains. Your landscaping and the ecosystems around your establishment are safe. The processes themselves pose no risk to the persons around since there are no toxic fumes generated. The machinery employed by our power washing Dublin team also cuts down on wastage through waste water reclamation systems. It’s all round eco-friendly cleaning aimed at eliminating the grime and simultaneously protecting Mother Nature.

8. Fully insured

The professionalism with our proper washing team carries out its mandate ensures that there are no unfavourable incidences. However, you want to know that you are covered in case of any mishaps. We’re fully insured for that. The policies cover the medical bills in case of injuries while on your property, damages to the equipment that is used, and even repairs to damage on your property.

9. Budget-friendly prices

Our affordable power washing services are priced to enable you get quality services without draining your wallet. They take into account factors that are unique to your situation, such as the kind of establishment, the size of the area being cleaned, and the type of surface. There are no hidden charges, and you’ll know the full cost of the services beforehand.

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