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Dirt is a part of life, but that doesn’t mean that you should be forced to endure it. No one like grimy windows, dirty patio furniture, pavings, house siding, gum on the sidewalks, oily stains in their parking lot, or even the leaves and debris piling up in the gutters. They make the premises appear dull, and age too quickly. It’s not just the dust and everyday pollutants like vehicle exhaust that are of concern. Organic matter like fungi and algae also grow on the surfaces. Sometimes mould and mildew, and even all-out weeds, sprout to the level of creating cracks on the pavements around your premises. The growths on the exteriors of the establishment, from the walls to the roofing, cause different colourations to form, ruining the appeal that you have worked so hard to establish. Power washing comes in to restore the elegance to your establishment. It goes further than bringing a sparkle. Are you looking to remodel your house? Perhaps the paint has become worn out and chipped off, and you want to add a new layer. You may even just want to spruce things up to breathe new life into the premises. Painting over the layers of dust and dirt, and other chipped off layers, causes the new application to peel off in a matter of months, sometimes in a couple of weeks. This is because the dirt prevents the coats from sticking strongly to the surface. It forms a barrier that you apply the new coats onto, which eventually fails and comes off together with the paint. You can prevent this from happening using a thorough power washing before the paint application. It gets rid of contaminants and grime that could have affected the results, enabling the new application to look better and last longer.


Aesthetic are key. You only get one shot at a first impression. You want to be sure that you impress the customers walking up to your business premises. After all, the sight that greets them gives them an impression of how you run your operations, and the quality of products and services that they can expect from you. You want to ensure that they have a positive perception about your enterprise, which will increase their chances of making the purchase and sealing deals. As such, the curb appeal is vital for your brand image. It even motivates your employees to be more productive, as they see the level of care that you give to the establishment that they work in. This means you’ll be making more revenue, and generating higher profits. What would you do if you walked or drove up to a building whose sidewalks were covered in grime, and the walls and windows are dilapidated? Would you walk in? Most probably the exterior would make you dread the interior. It’s not just for office buildings, retail stores or the hospitality industry. In the real estate sectors, the quality of your outdoors is literally a make or break factor on whether you’ll attract buyers or lease out to tenants. Whether its homes or office space, people want to live and working a premises that is properly maintained. You’ll have a difficult time convincing them that the premises is of high quality if they can barely stand the driveway, doors and walls. On the other hand, getting it all cleaned up increases the real estate value of the property. People will be willing to pay higher and will even compete for it. This is good news for you, as you get to rake in more profits from your sales, and justify higher premiums to your tenants. Scheduling power washing Dublin services before hosting open houses will make them more successful, and regular sessions will keep those who have moved in happy. That way you get to avoid complaints from tenants, plus lawsuits. It even encourages them to protect the property, since they can see for themselves the amount of effort you are putting into it to raise their quality standards of living.

The Dirt On Your Building

The discolourations from the build-up of dirt and stains on the exterior surfaces is just a tip of the iceberg. Over time it deteriorates them, causing the driveways, patios and walkways to become brittle, and susceptible to cracking. Constant foot and vehicles passing over grinds the soiling into the surfaces, increasing wear and tear. The organic matter is a direct risk to the structural integrity of the premises. For instance, algae growing on the roofing feeds on the limestone filler that’s part of the asphalt shingle structure. Dirt on the window panes prevents them from opening and closing properly. When too much force is applied, breakages occur. The grime blocking the ventilation plus the dirt on the windows affect heat flow in and out of the interior space, causing you to run your HVAC unit for longer, raking up your energy bills. Get power washing Dublin services to remove the grime that is the root of such problems.

Health also factors in. You don’t want your family members always getting bouts of coughs and sneezes. These are caused by allergens around the property, from dust to materials like pollen that have been blown onto the surfaces. They get inhaled, causing the symptoms, and triggering asthma attacks. In case there are fungal growths, then you’ll also have to worry about the spores and infections they cause. The spores are allergens and cause similar reactions to dust and pollen, and also irritate the skin, inflaming eczema. Some of the mould species release mycotoxins into the atmosphere, whose build up in the body when inhaled damages organs like the liver. It even poses risk to the central nervous system. Add slip and fall accidents to the list. The moss and algae are slippery, especially when they get wet during cleaning or when it rains. You don’t want customers in your business premises getting injuries while on your property. Not only does it affect your image in their eyes and give you negative publicity in the public limelight, but you also risk incurring losses due to lawsuits. Call in the pressure washing Dublin professionals to protect your family members at home, plus the employees and customers on your commercial premises.

How Power Washing Works

The power washing relies on the proper combination pressure, water flow, and detergent to get any surface clean. The pressure washer uses a gas engine or electric motor, pump and a concentrating nozzle to blast out water at high pressure. The blast can do anything from get rid of dirt and grime, strip paint off the walls of your building, and even alter equipment in industrial settings. It all depends on the amount of pressure being used. The general working principle is: Water is drawn in from the supply, and blasted out using pumping action powered by the gas engine or electric motor, delivered through a high pressure hose and cleaning attachment to direct the water jet to the surface.

All components in the system have a role to play in getting the surface cleaned. Take the hose for instance. Longer hoses reach further areas. However, the longer the hose the more the pressure that is needed to deliver water to the spray wand. Even the type of material factors in. Rubber hoses are more popular because they are more resistant to abrasions and the knocks in the process compared to the plastic ones. For the very high pressures, the hose is heavy duty and steel threaded. It’s not just about pointing a powerful jet at a surface. Skill is needed when directing the pressure and making the most out of it. Attachments also factor in. Without the right nozzle, the pressure washer’s effectiveness is reduced since it will only have a single spray pattern. This has different effects depending on the surface being cleaned. For instance, if it’s on the driveway, it’s ideal, but if it’s on the windows, it will shatter the glass. Then there are those areas that are difficult to reach, such as the roofing, spaces under the deck, and even the gutters and stains. Pivoting nozzles enables it to get to such areas.

The cleaning solution is properly distributed and diluted in the power washing machine. Careful consideration is needed when picking out the detergent to be used. It should be safe for the equipment, and for the surface being cleaned. Our personnel then apply the appropriate volume/pressure ratio for the area being cleaned, to get rid of the grime and protect the underlying surface.

High Pressure vs. Low Pressure Power Washing

Different surfaces in your establishment can be power washed, from the patio furniture and sidewalks, to garages, driveways and even fencing. However, the projects have different cleaning requirements. For those tough stains such as the mildew on your decks and patios, plus the grime on your drive way, high pressure is need. The amount applied is measured in psi (pounds per square inch). The higher the psi value, the higher the force the cleaning solution hits the surface with. High pressures achieve faster cleans, but the surface should be able to withstand them. The high psi is usually done on fences, sidewalks, decks and patios, garage floors, and even when the surface is being prepared to be painted, graffiti removal, and fleet maintenance in the auto and marine industries. Pressures of 2000psi to over 69000psi can be applied. 7000 – 50000psi is ultra-high pressure, which is usually used in industrial and engineering settings, cleaning everything from equipment to structures like bridges.

While high psi can be used for cleaning the patio, what of the patio furniture? It’s a more delicate surface. Here, low psi and high flow power washing is used, typically under 2000psi. The amount of cleaning solution delivered to the surface per minute is increased, but the force with which it strikes it is reduced. This also makes it easy for the low psi power washing equipment to reach elevated areas such as gutters and second-storey windows. In addition to the patio furniture, low psi power washing is usually carried out on the gutters, vehicles, glass table tops, and also when cleaning cobwebs and insect nests around the house.

There’s also the combination of high flow and high pressure power washing. This equipment is more specialised especially when it comes to lifting off the dirt in the house’s hard to reach areas and wash them away. Some can hit as high as 4000 psi and 4 gpm (gallons per minute). Our power washing team employs the most appropriate method of approach for the area being cleaned.

Hot Water vs. Cold Water Power Washing

Temperatures vary during the pressure washing process. Cold power washing is more common, and gets rid of most kinds of dirt. It relies on just the mechanical force of the pressurised water jet for dislodging the grime from the surface being cleaned. The higher the psi and gpm values for cold washing, the more the power that is delivered to the surface for a faster clean. Detergents can be added to increase the efficacy of the process.

When it comes to tackling oily and greasy stains, especially on the pavements, driveways and garage floors, higher temperatures are needed. It’s like when you’re washing dishes. When you have greasy plates, using hot water is more effective. Detergents can also be incorporated. It’s all about the chemistry. High temperatures increase energy levels of molecules. Bonds break easily. It’s why water heated to 100�C becomes steam. The same applies to the oil and grease molecules. Blasting them with hot water provides the energy needed to break them free of the surface they have been embedded to. This, added to the mechanical force of the pressurised water, forces them off the surface. The steam produced during the hot power washing also comes in handy in killing pathogens strewn all over the surfaces.

Effects Of DIY And Rookie Power Washing

Your house’s surfaces are sturdy, but they are not designed to handle the destructive forces of high pressure just a few inches from its surface. This is one of the most common mistakes made during the DIY projects. Paint gets blasted off, the screens shredded and even the siding gets damaged or knocked loose.

Incorrect directing of the high pressured water can send it through the window and into the interior of the establishment. Now you’ll have to deal with wet furniture, soaked cabinets and hardwood floors. This is in addition to the water jets slamming your electronics and other fragile items in the premises.

Another issue is when too much pressure is used on the siding of the building, which the water ends up forcing its way behind the vinyl and other materials that it’s made of. This causes cracks, and adds to the mould problems within the walls further putting the structure of the premises and the health of the persons in the premises at risk.

In addition to the risks on the building, there’s the threat of personal injury. The most common incidences occur when the person is on the ladder due to incorrect placement and balancing, or the ladder may even be damaged itself. After years of usage, the stress of being climbed up or down on causes the ladder to break down, and it may not handle the weight. Balancing comes in when you have to keep yourself in position, carry the cleaning attachment from the pressure washer and direct it to the surface being cleaned, without falling off. It’s a juggling act that could cost you heavily in case of a misstep, or even weight application on the rungs. The higher the height from which one falls, the greater the threat to the body. The brain, spinal cord, and extremities are the most commonly injured systems. There are also incidences when a person falls on sharp and protruding objects.

There is also those occurrences when other person on the premises get hit with the blasts of water. This usually happens due to lack of proper signage. You can be cleaning your house over the weekend and your kid or pet runs into the water stream coming at high pressure. The forces that are intended to remove stuck on soiling from parking lots hitting the head and other body parts is not a pleasant experience. In addition to the embarrassment of being knocked right out of your feet, there’s the danger of trauma to the body parts affected. Lack of proper warning signs in both business premises can cause such incidences, and you end up facing lawsuits and paying claims. You also don’t want this kind of negative publicity for your establishment. You can avoid it all by getting professional power washing Dublin services for your premises.

Common Power Washing Myths

· It’s just pressure. I don’t need to be an expert to do it.

As you’ve already seen, the risks of a DIY job are plenty. Power washing professionals are so for a reason. They have the training and experience necessary to complete the cleaning job in your residential or commercial establishment without causing damage. Different techniques are required for the various surfaces being cleaned, from the angle of approach, the temperature and pressure needed, to the cleaning solutions suitable to wash the material without causing staining.

· All that’s needed for the job is high pressure

Different pressure is needed for different situations. For instance, when power washing the siding, lower pressures are preferred to prevent the cleaning solution from being forced behind the siding and fostering growth of mould and mildew. Cleaning solutions and temperature also factor in. For instance, when removing greasy and oily stains, specialised pressure washing mixtures will be needed.

· The lowest prices are the best

Cheap is expensive. Exposing yourself to the cheapest power washing services brings the risk of low quality equipment being used, and even you not being covered by insurance. You may also end up getting surcharges, which drive up the price. So, it’s either you risk getting your property damaged without coverage to protect you while paying for low quality services, or prepare to get the prices jacked up once the prices have been completed. In both situations, you end up being the disadvantaged party.

· Since water is the main component, all power washing is eco-friendly

This is especially for those situations where cleaning solutions are not used. However, this fails to take into account the pollution that gets washed off the surfaces. For instance, during fleet management or cleaning of the roofs, the heavy metals invariably get washed off into the ecosystem. Fortunately, the effects can be avoided by professional power washing personnel. They put in place eco-friendly waste water management, preventing the pollutants from affecting the local watersheds.

· The quote must be given over the phone

A power washing company should be able to give you an estimate over the phone, to enable you know that you will be working with. However, this is assuming that you give a thorough and accurate description of the project. A detailed quote may require an on-site visit.

· You only need power washing when mould grows and stains set in

Why wait for it to get that far? The growths and dirt accumulating on our property only increase the risk to your investment- not to mention the frustrations and embarrassments that come in living and working in soiled conditions. You also don’t want to risk being forced to make heavy losses in repair and replacement. Protect your property and the health of those around you by scheduling regular power washing Dublin services.

Benefits Of Professional Power Washing Services

1. Power cleaning

We have made heavy investments in top-of-the-range machinery to deliver thorough results. Different tools are designated to different areas, from the electric and hydraulic pressure cleaners, all through to the ultra-high pressure equipment. This is to ensure that the most suitable approach is taken for each particular type of surface. Biodegradable cleaners, soft brushes, and pressurised steam cleaners are also incorporated to ensure that the stubborn grime is eliminated. They get the dirt and grime off your sidewalks and patios to the high rise areas of your establishment. The parking lots, walls and roofing of the building itself are all reached. The power washing equipment whisks away gum, sap, and tough stains, leaving your premises spotless.

2. Efficiency

The power washing machinery is energy and water efficient. For instance, when compared with a garden hose, the tools can deliver up to 50 times more power, while using up to 80% less water. The powerful jets also blast off the dirt in record time, allowing numerous surfaces to be worked on in a short duration. This reduces the amount of disruption to your everyday life, and enables you to resume your normal activities as soon as possible.

3. Mobile services

Wherever you are, our power washing Dublin team will come fully equipped for the task. Truck-mounted machinery ensures that the work goes on unhindered, and that the personnel have all they need to get the task done in time. The power washing Dublin services are provided 24/7 and also cater to emergency cleaning.

4. All-round power washing

The power washing services cover all kinds of exteriors. In residential establishments, this ranges from the vinyl siding, brick, wood and painted sidings, the fascia boards, windows, soffits, garage doors, roofing, decks, fences, awnings, all through to the cedar shakes, swing sets, pool decks, and patios. Commercial establishment’s features including building fronts, walkways, parking lots and gas stations, are all covered. Fleet washing, shuttle buses, getting rid of the graffiti inscribed on your walls, shop store fronts, entry ways, public spaces and recreational centres can be power washed.

5. Protect your investment

A lot of money goes into getting the property you desire- whether it’s a house to bring up your family in, office space for your business, or rental space to showcase your products. You want it to remain in top shape and not lose its appeal and structural integrity. The power washing enables you to do so. It strips away the mildew and algae that feed on the surface materials and even the acidic salts left behind after winter, that corrode the sidewalks, driveways and parking lots. It prevents irreversible staining and damage, which would have caused you to spend heavily to make repairs and replacements. The last thing you want is to be forced to pull up your sidewalk and install a new one simply because of the gunk that built up over time. The power washing blasts off the impurities that would have brought harm, thus allowing you to enjoy the comfort and elegance of your premises for longer.

6. Safe cleaning

You don’t want to worry about your paint getting worn out, window seals getting blown off, or the landscaping getting damaged. Even the angle of application factors in. You don’t want to wash away surface finishing like primers and paint, or failing to keep the nozzle moving which ends up cutting into the surface. The DIY process is long and arduous. You have to figure out the equipment you need, from gas to electric power washers, get a place to rent them from, wait in line, get the cleaning solutions that are appropriate for the surface you want to clean, use the power washing equipment appropriately to avoid damage to the surface or the machinery itself, clean out the tools, and take them back to the store. There’s also the high costs of renting involved, and charges in case the equipment gets damaged and will need maintenance. Add to that the risks of getting to those high rise areas and balancing on a ladder as you operate the pressure washer, and still getting the right angle of approach. What’s more, you can spend hours or even an entire day working on the surface in your house, and still end up with unsatisfactory results. You also don’t want the employees at your workplace taking crucial time off their duties to start working on the windows, sidewalks, parking lots and other surfaces on the premises. In addition to the man-hours of service delivery lost, the areas being cleaned can get damaged. Avoid the risk. Call in our power washing professionals to take the burden off your back. They come with the proficiency and experience needed to handle your particular situation. They also put in place the required safety precautions, including warning signs to protect the persons on your property from slip and fall accidents on the wet surfaces, or even getting hit by the blasts of water.

7. Eco-friendly processes

The onus is upon us to protect this fragile blue planet for future generations. As the saying goes, we did not inherit the earth from our ancestors, but borrowed it from our children, This has seen global institutions, governments, environmental watchdogs, and individuals around the planet embrace eco-friendly processes, from their modes of transport, shopping choices, all through to getting their establishments clean. Our power washing systems are part and parcel of these endeavours. The machinery, products and processes used pose no risk to the environment. For instance, the cleaning solutions are biodegradable, and even water reclamation systems are put in place to comply with environmental regulations. You won’t have to worry about toxic fumes, and even the landscaping in your establishment will be safe. As such, you get to remove the grime that’s making the place an eyesore, and reduce your carbon footprint at the same time.

8. Insured

You want to rest assured that you’re covered. Our power washing Dublin services are fully insured, ensuring that you are protected in case of any mishaps, from damages to the equipment to the areas being worked on and even the personnel themselves. This is further testament to the level of professionalism we bring on board.

9. Affordable services

You get to clean your premises without breaking the bank. Our power washing Dublin services have been conveniently priced to factor in your particular needs, ranging from the size of the area being cleaned, and the type surfaces in question. You won’t have to worry about hidden charges. The full cost will be stated at the onset.

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