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Embarrassed about the exterior surface of your home? From the walls and doors, to the facade and out on the driveway, the surfaces will get dirty with time. Uneven discolourations form, and patterns are created showing how rain water flows down the surfaces. They take away the appeal of the exterior, leaving behind a sight that you don’t look forward to coming back home to. Townhouses, condos, and apartments- no building is immune from the effects of dirt and grime. And since everyone passing by will notice it, your reputation takes a massive hit. Some even put off inviting guests. After all, you don’t want your family and friends finding you in such deplorable conditions. Commercial establishments are not in the clear. The gunk piles up on their curbs and the building itself, taking away its elegance. This becomes the first image that you clients see when they walk onto your premises. Needless to say, your brand image takes a blow. The dirt and grime reflects poorly on you, giving potential customers and investors a negative perception about the goods and services you offer. For those in the real estate industry, the soiled and stained exterior surfaces directly result in lower sales. Tenants driving by, or persons you’ve invited to the open house, will picture themselves living or working there. Questions pop into their mind like “Will I be proud to call this home?” “Will this setting attract more customers for my business?” Whether you’re looking for buyers for your home, or get business owners to take up office or retail space in your building, you will have an uphill task convincing them to move into the property if it’s sore to the eyes. Things don’t have to go down this way. Fix your situation using professional power washing Dublin services.

Beauty and durability are joined at the hip. You want an elegant establishment, which will remain that way for long. The dirt and grime affects the strength of the structures on which they pile up. There are salt compounds that react with the concrete, bricks on the sidewalks and walls, while others like fungi cause cracks and break down the surfaces on which they grow. As gaps form, they collect more soiling, and even water when it rains. This encourages more growth. You don’t want weeds sprouting on your walkways. As structures such as patios and decks weaken, this puts the safety of the persons using them at risk. For instance, you may be out on the deck and fall right through it, leading to serious body injury, or relaxing with your friends and family on the patio when the furniture breaks apart. Rooftops getting damaged increases the risk of water getting in the interior of the building, wetting other items within. In fact, the excess moisture content increases chances of mould and mildew developing. This causes a myriad of problems, from more damage to the structure affected, to exposing the household members to health risks. There are also the cost implications caused by the dirt and grime. Repairing damaged sidewalks, driveways, windows, roofing, all through to the fences and walls will take a huge chunk of resources. If the grime is not removed in time and it’s allowed to build up, you may be forced to replace entire structures. Reroofing your building, getting another fence, or redoing the walkways is not a path you want to go down on. In addition to setting you back financially, there is the colossal toll it takes on your comfort and peace of mind. Your activities are disrupted, whether it’s your residential or commercial property. While it’s out on the patio, deck, fence and other external structures, movement is hampered. When it’s the building itself, like an entire roof being fixed or walls redone you may even be forced to seek alternative temporary shelter. For business premises, when your customers feel inconvenienced, they’ll just shift to your competitors. In addition to losing revenue to maintenance costs, your market share will take a beating. Call in the power washing Dublin experts to get rid of the problems at the source, before it evolves into a nightmare for your establishment.

Dirt All Over

There are 2 main categories of dirt that wind up in the exterior surfaces of the building, based on their origin. They are the source of all your troubles and include:

· Environmental particles

These are airborne, being delivered onto the decks, walls, entry ways, patio furniture, and even out on the fences and up the driveway. They settle and form layers. Surfaces exposed to the rain have a lower build up rate compared to those protected by items like sills and other coverings. These results in darker patches.

These particles have different sources. There are those from carbon emissions, whether it’s from the vehicles driving past your establishment, or the nearby industry pumping the gases into the atmosphere, which end up getting carried onto your premises. The soot builds up on the wood, concrete and even on the roof, forming a haze that takes away their original beauty. The higher the rate of carbon dioxide emission in your immediate environment, the more the exterior surfaces get covered by the layers of soot. In and around urban settings, the particles that are produced, whether it’s from fossil fuel burning or diesel soot, also get absorbed clouds in the atmosphere, leading to droplets, which are returned as raindrops, and deposited on the surfaces. These can even be coming from industrial plants that are thousands of kilometres away, transported in the clouds passing overhead. Basically, the rain that was meant to wash away the dirt can be contributing to it in the first place. Then there’s the coarser dust, usually generated by abrasion. This can be anything from sand and ash, sodium chloride particles, and soiling as a result of friction effects in tyres and brake lining. They get deposited on the driveway, soiling carried from the yard onto the sidewalks, and even blown onto the building by strong gusts of wind.

The effect of the dirt on the structural integrity of the surface depends on the constituent elements. Some just cause unsightly layers, while others lead to irreversible damage. Take for instance sulphate particles ending up on limestone or concrete surfaces. They react forming a gypsum layer, which appears as crust. If not attended to fast, then expensive repair and replacement works will be required to reverse the damage done. Get rid of these particles building up on the surfaces using specialist power washing Dublin services.

· Biological growths

These are common on these exterior surfaces that are moist for long periods- from out on the patio, under gutters, to water collecting on the grooves of the sidewalk. You can have moss, lichen, algae or even mould growing on the surfaces. These species can develop anywhere, they just need the right moisture and heat conditions. Some of them damage the structure on which they grow- like the algae feeding on the roof shingles. Moreover, wherever the fungal growths are, the rain does not dry out fast, which increases the risk of frost damage. The rot caused by the fungi can lead to defective gutters, destroy the flashing around chimneys, deterioration of the mortar in brickwork joints, and even damage to pipes that are exposed. Protect your establishment by bringing in the power washing Dublin specialists.

Other sources:

Then there are those situations when people decide to display their artistic prowess by spraying graffiti on your fence and the walls of the building. Not only does it take away the beauty that you had worked so hard to establish, but it also creates a feeling of neglect. If no one seems to care how the building looks, then the chances of more graffiti winding up on your establishment increases. In fact, it’s a contributing factor to increasing crime rates in the neighbourhood. A clean and graffiti-free building sends out the message that vandalism is no appropriate in your establishment. Nip things in the bud by calling in the power washing Dublin professionals.

A Look At The Power Washing Dublin Processes

The cleaning performance comes down to 2 factors, and how they work together. The higher the number, the more power that is involved, and the faster the clean. However, remember that some surfaces are more brittle compared to others, and the ability to take on the jets varies. The 2 factors are:

· PSI- Pounds per square inch: This is a measure of the water pressure at the output. The psi of the jet gives it the power needed to penetrate the dirt and grime. It’s like hammering a nail. The stronger you strike the head the deeper it goes into the wood. Huge build-ups of grime, or even those thin but tough layers of gunk, will require high PSI. But the strength of the underlying material also factors in, since it should be able to handle the impact without itself getting disintegrated.

· GPM- Gallons per minute: This is the rate at which water is delivered to the spray gun. It provides the power to break down the dirt, and also wash it away. Here, think of a river. High upstream at the rapids, where there is a high flow rate due to gravity, the canoes and rafts get propelled across the surface faster. Further downstream, the flow rate is reduced as the water traverses plains, and you can even go fishing without worrying about being swept away. Basically, the higher the GPM, the more the energy and liquid being delivered to wash away the dirt.

The power washing Dublin systems are diverse, based on the cleaning needs. However, their general components include:

1. Electric motor or gas engine- It’s the heart of the system. As is true of every machine, its motor/engine provides the power to its components. In this case it drives the water pump.

2. Inlet- It connects the power washer to the main water supply. Don’t worry about bits of grit getting into the washer and being blasted out at high speeds. The inlet has a filter to keep out the dirt and debris, and prevent it from getting into the system.

3. Water pump- Basically, when the engine pushes the water pump one way, it sucks in water, and at the other, it forces it out at high pressure in a jet.

4. A high-pressure hose- It connects the washer to the cleaning attachment being used. This is no ordinary tubing. It is heavily reinforced to be able to handle the high pressure of the water that’s flowing through it.

5. Cleaning attachment- This is where the water comes out at high forces. The specific attachment that is used depends on the area that the power washing Dublin team is working on. It can be a trigger gun, a spinning wand spray, or even a rotating brush.

The cleaning action revolves around the attributes of water that make it a good cleansing agent, plus the energy that the jet strikes the surface with. Water molecules naturally have slight electrical polarity. This is what enables them to easily stick to surfaces and dirt particles. Flowing water then washes the grime away. The high pressure of the jet means that it has high kinetic energy, which literally blasts of the dirt. This makes it highly effective in tackling those exterior surfaces and stubborn dirt spots.

The Pressure Factor

The pressures involved in the power washing Dublin processes can get as high as 75 times that in the garden hose. The specific amount that is applied by the personnel will be determined by what the surface can handle. You don’t have to worry about your items getting damaged, as the team has the needed skills to determine the safest and most effective pressures to use. From the patio, its furniture, walls, sidewalks and fencing, all through to the driveway leading up to your establishment, they all have different cleaning requirements. High pressures are mainly used on tough material such as concrete. In addition to removing the stains, power washing Dublin team will also remove the dirt that has collected in the cracks, to get rid of that dilapidated look.

When it comes to removing tough stains such as mildew and stuck on gunk on the driveway and patio, high pressure will be needed. For light tasks, it can range around 1200-1900 psi, while for the heavy duty tasks it can exceed 3600 psi. Your driveway can handle the forces, but what of the patio furniture, gutters, or even glass table tops? It may even be tasks of cleaning the stucco, vinyl siding, or clearing away cobwebs and insect nests. For these, low pressure and high flow power washing is used. A flow rate as high as 5 gpm can be delivered. Wood surfaces are also washed using the low pressure.

There are also instances when both high pressure and high gm are used. For instance, when getting to those high rise and hard to reach sections of the building. Pressures of up to 4000 psi and over 4gpm can be employed. The most suitable approach will be determined in order to deliver superb results.

Problems With DIY Power Washing

Power washing is not just a matter of point the jet to the surface and watch the dirt disintegrate and get washed off. It’s a skill that incorporates everything from applying the correct pressures that are safe for the surfaces being worked on, all through to the angle with which the jet is directed. DIY and rookie power washing projects come with plenty of risk, and lead to consequences such as:

· Water damage

Using the wrong pressure levels can shoot water right into the siding of your home. When it’s just on the floors, that’s a temporary inconvenience. However, when it gets to the wiring and insulation, then some real damage can occur. Everything from short circuiting to all-out fires will bring huge losses in property damage, and even put the lives of the persons in the building at risk. In addition, some of the water trapped in the structure of your building can take a long time to evaporate, and the moisture will fuel the growth of mould and mildew, and material like wood can start cupping and getting warped.

· Structural damage

The pressures that are used to get those oil stains off the driveway and sidewalk are not the same for wood. Even applying the water jets too close to the surface can cause it to dig holes into the material. Blasting away the paint covering the wood will just be the start of your problems, with the boards themselves breaking apart under the intense pressure. The wood grain can end up being ruined after just a single DIY power washing session when the jet is aimed directly at the wood.

· Blasting away mortar

Sure, mortar can hold its own against the natural elements and wear and tear of everyday life, but a blast of pressurized water at levels even exceeding 4000 psi can cause it to fall out. You end up being forced to repaint entire sections of the building, racking up your maintenance costs.

· Spreading lead all over your yard

When there’s lead on the exterior surfaces (such as lead paint) and it gets power washed without the correct safety measures being taken, including directing of the runoff, the lead can end up getting strewn all over the environment, even reaching the soil in your garden. With lead, no matter how small the paint chips seem, it’s still a risk to the health of anyone exposed to it.

· Missing shingles and broken windows.

When windows are unable to withstand the pressure hitting them, glass will shatter. The material used to make the shingles can break down due to too much force being applied, and repairing them is no mean feat. You can avoid thousands of dollars’ worth of damage by getting the professional power washing Dublin team to take care of the cleaning project for you.

· Injuries

That blast of pressurised water hitting a person can cause all sorts of problems. First, since they’ll likely be knocked off their feet, the fall brings with it risks of sprains, strains, torn ligaments, broken bones, or even concussions when the person lands on the head. Secondly, there’s the impact with the water itself, wherever hits the body. Searing pain, damaged skin, with lacerations being the most common, bruises, punctures and also eye injuries can result. What looks like a small break in the skin can cause bacterial infection later on deep in the issue. You also don’t want a cleaning project to end with someone losing an eye. These accidents are usually caused by people walking into the line of the jet due to lack of safety signs, but there are also those instances when the persons using the power washing equipment point it at themselves. Protective gear needs to be worn, from the glasses and gloves, to the overalls and boots. Even failure to pay attention to the wind direction can cause water and debris to fly back at you.

· Equipment failure

First, renting the power washing tools is expensive. Learning how to operate them effectively is another issue. However, what if the components get damaged? Perhaps it’s an accident that led to the power cord getting spliced, the cleaning attachment broke apart, or even the hose was not in proper position, which caused the pressurised water flowing through it to detach it and damage the seal. Whether it’s minor issues that necessitate components of the equipment to be replaced, or faults that cause it to completely fail and need a new power washer to be purchased, you will have a heavy burden to bear. Avoid the risk and hustle, by letting our experienced power washing Dublin team to take up the project.

Why You Should Turn To The Power Washing Dublin Experts

1. State of the art equipment

We have invested heavily in the latest in power washing technology, to be able to provide you with quality results, each time. Our machinery is properly maintained, to ensure that there are no breakdowns and that the right amounts of pressure are delivered on every visit. Strong acting cleaning agents are also used. These are mixed with the water going through the power washing gear, and blasted onto the surface being cleaning to break down the grit and set in stains. The combination of high impact forces plus the high efficacy of the solutions enables the power washing Dublin team to tackle all kinds of grime, from the sidewalks, driveways and parking lots, to the walls and windows of the high rise office blocks and apartments. Electric, ultra high pressure plus hydraulic pressure systems are employed, depending on the area being attended to, bringing back the appeal you desire for your establishment.

2. Fast results

Time is of the essence. There are numerous exterior surfaces to cover, and you don’t want to inconvenience your business operations at your workplace, or social life at home. Things have to be kept to schedule. Our power washing Dublin team arrives on site on time ready to carry out the stipulated task. The highly efficiency machinery deliver great power with minimal consumption. For instance, when compared to the garden hose, the use nearly 80% less water, while providing forces that are over 50 times more powerful. All this ensures that the time taken to do the cleaning is drastically cut down, in order to reduce the disruption to your daily life.

3. Mobile services

Our truck-mounted machinery ensures that our power washing Dublin have all they need at the ready. Wherever your establishment is, they’ll get to it and have the power needed to provide a thorough clean. Our services are available 24/7. The mobility also ensures that the right tools are used, with aspects like the pressure and temperature of the jets being expertly controlled.

4. Professional team

This is a team trusted to deliver on its mandate. The power washing Dublin personnel have undergone stringent training and have years of experience in the business, enabling you to have the peace of mind that quality results will be delivered on each appointment. Moreover, they will treat you with the respect you desire. After all, our business operations depend on your satisfaction with every aspect of our service delivery- and that’s exactly what we strive to provide. Your queries will be professionally handled, and even potential problems on the establishment brought to your attention so that they can be rectified before they result in dire ramifications.

5. Versatile

We do it all- residential and commercial cleaning, getting the dirt and grime off your patios, pool decks, fascia boards, garage doors, the walls of your building, the cedar shakes and fences, from entry ways, even the windows, rooftops and swing sets and also graffiti removal. From town houses to apartment blocks and everything in between, to business premises such as retail stores, malls, gas stations, drive-thrus, restaurants and hotels, to education and health care institutions, our power washing Dublin team will handle your exterior surface cleaning needs.

6. Safe power washing

By turning to our specialist power washing Dublin crew, you won’t need to worry about getting water damage on your property, paint coming off your walls, or even structures like the decks, and windows getting damaged, plus the other risks that come with the DIY process. Your establishment is in safe hands. Moreover you get to avoid the hustle of digging through the internet and asking around for the right equipment, going and waiting in line at the store to rent it, spending loads of cash to do so in the process, then determining the kinds of cleaning solutions that you need for the dozens of surfaces in your establishment, mixing them in the right ratios and additionally worrying about the pressure rating that you will use. Then there’s the issue of balancing on ladders with pressurised water flowing through pipes and cleaning attachments that you are trying to direct. Don’t forget the frustration of going through the entire task, only to end up with unsatisfactory results. Add to this the danger that you will have exposed yourself to, due to incorrect handling of the equipment, which can result to injury on you, other persons in the establishment, the property being worked on, or even the machinery being used. All this while you wanted to spend your weekends or days off from work relaxing with some TV or a novel, spending quality time with your kids, hanging out with friends, or even laying back on that hot afternoon to take in some sun. Free yourself to do the things you love, and let our power washing Dublin personnel take on the load, and deliver quality results in a timely manner.

7. Green cleaning

We all have a responsibility to protect the environment. Future generations are depending on us to do it. Individually, our actions may appear miniscule, but collectively they impact the trajectory of Mother Nature on a global scale. As such, there is a continued push for people around the world to adopt eco-friendly practices in all aspects of their lives, from the transport choices they make and packaging options that they use, all through to how they get their cleaning done. Our power washing Dublin services ascribe to this, and they have been designed to bring back the sparkle to the exterior surfaces of your establishment and protect the biodiversity around it at the same time. The entire operations, from the biodegradable cleaning solutions used to the water reclamation systems that are employed, are in line with environmental regulations on sustainability. In addition, the landscaping around your establishment is protected.

8. We’re insured

While our services are safe and personnel well experienced, you want to ensure that you are covered in case of any unfavourable incidences- plus the law requires it. As such, our power washing Dublin services are fully insured, with the policies covering everything from damage to your property and our equipment, to any injuries on our crew. This further serves as a testament to the professional standards that we employ in our service delivery.

9. Budget friendly

Our power washing Dublin services have been conveniently priced to enable you to get quality results without denting your wallet. The costs take into account your particular needs, such as the type and size of the areas that are being worked on, down to the very material of the surface being cleaned. You needn’t worry about hidden charges-there are none. You’ll know the full cost before the work starts.

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