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Domestic Power Washing

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Domestic Power Washing Services

Your garden path, steps, paving etc. are likely to build up moss deposits and other types of organic build-ups over time which can make them appear discoloured and unsightly. It is a natural process and there is very little you can do to prevent it. You can however hire a professional power washing company like Dublin Power Washing to deal with it and restore your concreted and paved areas to their natural glory.

We provide professional power washing services, anti-moss treatments, moss removing services, hot and cold power washing services, paving sealing and wall power washing. We can guarantee outstanding results and affordable rates.


We specialize in:

Foot Path Power Washing

Paving Power Washing

Decking Power Washing

Walls Power Washing

Brick Power Washing

Stairs Power Washing


We can supply our own source of water when necessary if there is no access to a supply, or we can use special hoses to connect to your own source of water. A standard power washing job should take 1 to 3 hours and we will use between 500 to 2000 L of water per job. We use high performance and extremely efficient power washing equipment that uses between 12 to 18 L of water per minute.

We are happy to provide you with a free no obligation estimate for any type of power washing service. Our minimum order for any type of power washing job starts from only 100€ vat included. We are happy to quote for small, medium and big power washing projects.

Some power washing projects may require chemical treatments to fully remove the dirt. We will explain to you in detail what we will do and how long it will take. We use the most efficient acidic power washing detergents so we can remove any type of dirt from any type of surface.

If your garden decking or the paving area around your home is not looking its best and appears dull, dirty and overtaken by moss it is time to call Dublin Power Washing. We are on call 24/7 and we are happy to adapt to any special requirements.


Power Washing Dublin – Outstanding quality for fair prices


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About us
Dublin Power Washing is an Irish owned, Dublin based company that provides commercial and domestic power washing services in County Dublin and the surrounding area. We provide high pressure washing services. All our power washing services are fully insured and highly recommended.
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