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First impressions are everything. From the front entry and yard to the driveway and sidewalk, you want your premises to be exquisite. Customers walking into your commercial establishment will take it as a snapshot of what is to come. It will give them a perception of the level of services and products that they can expect from you. In this way, you curb appeal has a direct impact on your business’ image. At home, a similar situation plays out. Your reputation, what your guests and friends will see when they come visit you, will be affected by the state that they find things in. Your very own comfort and peace of mind are put on the line. Whether it’s rental property or you went all out and made the purchase, no doubt it cost you loads of funds. Your house is a major investment, and you should be able to enjoy every aspect of it- this includes coming home to an inviting decor, not one that foul your mood the moment you pull into the driveway. For realtors and property managers, your business literally hangs on the image portrayed. It will make or break the sale or tenancy deal with interested clients. They picture themselves having taken occupancy, and the quality that it will have for their social or work life. You don’t want to turn them away even before they get to the front door You want to give the premises that “Wow!” factor that has them bidding to land the deal. Making the exterior elegant is a sure way to make this a reality, from cleaning the windows, doors and the front entry way, getting rid of the spider webs that have been woven on the light fixtures, clearing the dirt that has formed layers on the walls, to the stains on the deck and patio, and mildew out on the driveway plus on the sidewalk. You can achieve it by turning to the power washing Dublin professionals.

Whether it’s your house, office space, retail store, nursing home, or even educational institution, you spent loads of money to set it up or purchase it. You may be a tenant, and you’re coughing up huge figures monthly to keep the space. The last thing you want is for your investment to go down the drain, and force you to incur more resources to fix the damage that will have been done. Dirt is destructive. Taking away the aesthetic appeal of the premises is not the only thing that should concern you. The very structural integrity of the affected parts is put on the line. Take the wooden fence for instance. Fungi growing on it causes it to rot, and it won’t serve its purpose unless you get the damaged boards replaced. Out on the driveway and sidewalks, the algae, mould and mildew developing on the surfaces can lead to cracks, which hoard more dirt themselves, and trap water from rains. This leads to more damage, even forcing you to deal with issues like weeds. On the building itself, damaged roofing exposes the interior surfaces and appliances to water damage, and affect the heat flow in and out of the premises. Gunk on the windows prevent adequate light from getting in, and excess heat from escaping. The cold nights become colder, and those hot afternoons make the interior space feel like a baking oven. Your energy bills go up as you run the HVAC units harder and for longer, in order to restore balance to the interior environment. When it comes to the maintenance costs that you will incur to repair or replace the damaged structures, your bank accounts will take a hit. While some are simple do-overs, some cement work here and a new brick there, there are those that will be entire construction projects- like ripping up the roofing to install a new one. This tears a hole through your finances, affecting your life’s stability a home, and business growth for commercial establishments. All this can be avoided in the first place. Simply schedule regular power washing Dublin services to enable you to protect your investment.

Overrun By Grime

The dirt that’s ruining your building’s elegance has different sources. Some are every day occurrences that gradually build up, while others are one-time effects of vandalism, plumbing or fire accidents. Let’s break them down to see how they affect your building.

Dust is the most common, and can be anything from the course sand and soiling that is carried and deposited onto the area by wind, to the minute smoke particles that are as a result of vehicle exhaust. The heavy particles like mud from the yard or gunk brought onto the property under people’s shoes usually winds up on the horizontal surfaces- sidewalks, driveway, all through to the patio. The light ones like fine soiling can form layers on the vertical walls and be carried onto the sills, or way up to the roofing of your establishment. As the layers build up, so does the look of the building change. This can range from the brown look from ordinary soiling, to dark soot from carbon particles emitted by diesel and fuels from nearby industries getting burned. Speaking of carbon particles, the emissions from factories and other plants in urban settings can build up in the atmosphere, where they react with moisture in the clouds, and get brought down onto the building in the rain. It doesn’t have to be the local industry. They can be carried over from miles away. The effects that the particles bring are as diverse as their sources. For instance, while the carbon emissions cause the fences and walls to darken, and even reduce visibility on the windows, there are compounds like sulphates and sodium chloride that directly react with surfaces such as your concrete sidewalks. They from crusts of gypsum on the affected area, which affects the structural integrity of the underlying material. Professional power washing Dublin services will enable you to protect the structures that your establishment is composed of.

There are also living things growing on your premises. This biological matter can be simply forming unsightly colourations on the surfaces, or outrightly feeding on the underlying material. Take for instance mould, which leads to grey, green, and even black spots popping up all over the fences, patio, sidewalk and walls, or the algae growing on the roof, feeding on the limestone filler, causing cracks and damaging the shingles. There are also those fungi that destroy wood structures, such as Serpula lacrymans (the True dry rot fungus), Coniophora puteana (the Cellar fungus) and Poria vaillantii (the Pore or Mine fungus). They spread across the timber of the fences, decks, and patio furniture, weakening their structure and necessitating expensive repairs and replacements. The fungi are able to sprout all over due to the spores’ ability to be easily carried in air currents. Then all that is needed is sufficient heat and moisture conditions, and they will pitch ground and flourish. As they grow, they push out a hollow tube (called hypha) into the supporting structure that grows and branches out into a mass of threads called mycelium. As the mycelium develops, it breaks down the wood for food. It may darken in colour or get bleached depending on the species attacking it, but eventually it will lose its strength, and the structure becomes unsafe. You don’t want your deck suddenly falling apart under you, or your patio furniture breaking when you take a seat. This is prevented from happening in the first place by giving the surfaces a thorough clean with the powerful power washing Dublin systems.

The major form of vandalism affecting exterior surfaces is graffiti. It can be a small “tag”- where somebody just sprayed out their name- or a large mural that covers an entire wall. Pictures, words, or both, the street art ending up on your building encourage more vandals to showcase their talent. To the customers coming to your business premises, it makes the environment look and feel unsafe. Responding quickly to such situations is key to prevent recurrence. Quick clean ups by the power washing Dublin team will deter the vandals from returning and messing up your walls and fences.

How The Power Washing Dublin Team Tackles The Dirt Problem

It’s a system of components that works together to provide powerful cleaning action. It all starts at the electric motor or gas engine, whose work is to power the water pump. The pump pressurizes water from the inlet and forces it out at high pressure through the wand, trigger gun, rotating brush, or other cleaning attachment being used. Other parts also play a role, like the inlet hose that delivers the water to the power washer, and the high pressure hose through which it flows to the cleaning attachment. It’s an intricate system, all the way down to the filtering units in the inlet to prevent dirt and grit particles from getting in and being blasted onto the surfaces at colossal forces. The cleaning attachment that is employed by the power washing Dublin personnel depends on the area being worked on.

The power that is delivered during the cleaning is measured in psi (pounds per square inch) and gpm (gallons per minute). The first focuses on the intensity of the water jet being forced out of the nozzle, while the second looks at the rate of flow. The higher the values, the more the energy that is being delivered, and the faster the cleaning processes will be. However, more power isn’t always the case. There are situations where the power washing Dublin personnel will use water at less psi and gpm especially when working on delicate surfaces that can’t handle the load. They have the experience and skills necessary to determine the most appropriate method of approach.

The integral component of the entire operation is water. There is a reason why it is used all around the world for cleaning operations. The light electrical polarity of its molecules enables it to stick to surfaces by itself, and make it easier to wash away the grime. The power washing systems come in to amplify the cleaning action. The narrow jet of high pressured water blasts the dirt right off the surface. Since it’s travelling fast, the surface is hit with a high kinetic energy, which dislodges the gunk. Since it’s just water, you won’t need to worry about any reactions with the surfaces.

How High And Low Pressures Affect The Power Washing Process

How much force is needed to work on the surfaces? Different material can take different pressures. For instance, the load that is used to blast away the dirt on the asphalt driveway or soiling trapped in the cracks of concrete is not the same that will be used on wood surfaces, bricks, stucco and vinyl siding. In residential establishments, high pressure is typically used on surfaces such as fences, garage floors, sidewalks, and even decks. These can handle the force. It usually goes to levels of 4000psi. When it comes to commercial establishments, the forces can additionally clear the graffiti that has been made on the walls, and even clean a building after a construction job. Industrial equipment and large scale structures like bridges can also be attended to, but in this case levels go as high as 50000psi to get the job done.

On the other hand, your patio furniture will be ripped apart under the high pressure, and your windows will shatter. For such surfaces, lower ratings are used to wash off the grime, while being gentle on the material itself. Usually, the pressures that are used are under 2000 psi. However, in this case, the gpm is higher, to enable the water to be delivered to the even the high rise surfaces, and wash of the grime with ease. This is also used when cleaning grills, removing insect nests and those cobwebs from the corners of the building, and even when working on glass table tops.

When you combine the high pressure and high flow as happens in hybrid power washing Dublin systems, then those hard to reach areas will be attended to with ease. For instance the personnel can work in the range of 4 gpm and 4000 psi. The cleaning solution is delivered at powerful forces that enable it to get to even the top sections of storey buildings, enhancing the efficacy of the process. The modes and power rating that will be used by our power washing Dublin personnel will be determined by the needs of the particular situation.

Risk Of DIY Power Washing

Power washing is an intricate process. With the large forces involved, any miscalculation or misdirection cause huge risk to life and property. Effects that tend to come with rookie and DIY cleaning attempts include:

· Broken seals and shattered windows

The pressurised water that is used to work on the walls will inadvertently hit the window and door seals, damaging them and causing leaks. For the glass itself, it can be shattered into pieces by the high forces, causing you to incur extra costs to get new installations done. When the seals and windows are damaged during the DIY power washing, there is every likelihood that the water will get into the interior environment of the establishment. Now there’ll be water damage to worry about, from the flooded floors and soaked furniture, to electrical appliances getting short-circuited. In case the flooring is made of wood, the excess water content can lead to warping and cupping of the boards. Moreover, some of the interior surfaces may take long to dry, which in turn allows mould and mildew to flourish. You can add the health risks of a fungal infestation to your list of concerns. The affected rooms will also need to be sealed off, further inconveniencing your family members at home, or the customers and employees in your business premises.

· Damage to surfaces

This comes down to the pressure and the angle at which the spraying is done. The approach used on the fence and sidewalks is different from the vinyl siding and stucco. Excessive force can tear up your wood deck, break down the brick mortar, and create cracks on the concrete. Even the landscaping is at risk. The trees, shrubs and other plants around the house or property can get hit with the pressurised jets of water, which can break their braches, or knock them right out of their vases. You don’t want to blast a hole in your siding by standing too close to the house and pointing the nozzle straight on. Using the incorrect angle when you’re working on the siding also means that water can be forced behind the slates, which will lead to wood rot. Excessive force on the deck can cause the wood to splinter or carve out strips, which puts persons using it at risk.

· Electrical accidents

With power washing, water and electricity come into play. Most of the equipment come with 20 to 30 feet long power cables, which increases the risk of cord kinking and cracking. What happens when the water gets into the cracks? Anything from electrical shock to fires. Our power washing Dublin team comes with properly serviced machinery, and they have the skills and experience needed to avoid such incidences from occurring. They also apply the correct measures to prevent the cleaning solution from getting to the electrical insulation and wiring of the building.

· Body injury

Car washes usually operate at around 800psi. Anything higher and the paint can be stripped right off. The power washing process on the exterior surfaces of your building can clock 2000-4000psi. Imagine that hitting your skin. In fact, the pressurised water at just the right angle can cause such a fine cut, like a scalpel, that there may be no blood, but it is deep enough into the skin that a blood vessel can be haemorrhaged. If the nozzle is uncontrolled, then there’ll be slices all over the skin, and extensive tissue damage whose symptoms will pop up later. If the high pressure water has been able to enter your blood vessels, it will be moving through your circulatory system, which puts you at high risk especially when the air it contains gets in the pumping chambers of the heart. Then there’s the injury due to the impact itself. Getting knocked off your feet and onto the ground is not how you want things to go. This can happen when customers to your business establishment or family members at home walk into the line of action, especially due to lack of proper signage. The embarrassment from the fall will be the least of your concerns, especially with injuries like sprained wrists, broken bones, slipped vertebrae and head trauma due to hitting the ground with the head being issues to worry about. There are numerous safety measures that need to be put in place, from sealing off the area, wearing protective glasses, as well as gloves, boots and long sleeves, to the personnel doing the cleaning being completely aware of his/her surroundings. Instantaneous reactions are also needed, to be able to safely and properly divert or shut down the power washing system in case the slightest risk is detected, to prevent accidents from occurring- and this comes with experience. Our power washing Dublin team has this in loads, and will enable you to get the clean results you desire without putting the persons on your establishment or the structures themselves at risk.

· Chemical exposure

From the lead paint getting chipped off the walls and fences and getting spread all over the environment, to the cleaning chemicals incorporated into the solution being used getting into a cut or puncture wound, there are serious health hazards to consider. When your pets are out playing in the yard and get the lead particles into their system, or you’re out doing some gardening and get contaminated, it can lead to a wide assortment of issues. When they get into the body due to the jets searing through the skin, it can lead to infection, especially upon reaching the bloodstream.

Benefits Of Using Professional Power Washing Dublin Services

1. Top of the range power washing equipment

When it comes to high-powered cleaning, tough machinery is needed to deliver quality results. That’s exactly what our power washing Dublin team is equipped with. From electric, hydraulic to ultra-high pressure systems, we have it all to ensure that the right gear is available for the specific task at hand. Whether it is getting to the gunk in the gutters and on the shingles, to blasting off that grime on your parking lots and driveways, or even giving your windows a gentle but thorough wash, the power washing Dublin personnel come with the tools that get the job done to high standards, each and every time. On top of that, tough cleaning products are incorporated in the processes, forming solutions that enhance the efficacy of the cleaning process. They break down the stains and layers of gunk on the surfaces in your establishment with ease, dissolving salt compounds and washing them off your property. This restores the elegance to your establishment.

2. Quick cleaning

You want minimal disruption to your day-to-day activities. The power washing Dublin processes have been designed to ensure just that. Take the efficiency of the equipment for instance. When compared to the average garden hose, they deliver over 5000% more power, while consuming around 8 times less water. It’s providing high impact and cost saving done simultaneously. The time taken to work on the various surfaces of your establishment is cut down, enabling you to keep things on schedule. From the punctual arrival time of the personnel, the cleaning itself to the quick management of the run-off, normalcy will quickly resume on your establishment.

3. We’re mobile

Our power washing Dublin team comes on site with truck-mounted gear, to enable the entire processes to be carried out without a hitch. The mobile services include equipment to regulate the pressures and temperatures that are used during the power washing, and are provided any time of day or night, all through the week. Whether it’s scheduled power washing services, or you want emergency services- perhaps there has been a rave in the neighbourhood that messed up the yard and driveways, some vandals did graffiti work on your office building’s walls, or it’s the aftermath of a plumbing or fire accident, we’ve got you covered.

4. Experience and professionalism

The power washing Dublin team is well trained and has years of experience in handling the equipment and working on the different kinds of surfaces and materials. You can rest assured that your property is in capable hands. In addition, they will treat you with the utmost courtesy, and also answer any queries that you may have. With a sharp eye, the power washing Dublin crew are able to spot mistakes on the premises that are likely to cause potential problems and will point them out to you, to enable you to void future losses and inconveniences.

5. All-round services

The power washing Dublin services cut across the board- from the driveways, sidings, walkways, front entry ways, awnings, soffits, the windows, roofing, doors, patio, fence and pool deck, and even removing the graffiti on your residential or commercial establishment. Houses, apartments, condominiums, retail stores, malls, restaurants, hotels, education institutions, drug stores, nursing homes, hospitals and other health care institutions, recreational centres, drive-thrus, all through to the marine and auto industry, our power washing Dublin team has got you covered.

6. Save your energy, avoid the risks

There’s a lot of hustle that is involved in the DIY power washing. First, you need to scout for the right equipment to handle the cleaning demands of your establishment. The power washing machinery is not cheap, and after renting it you’ll be responsible for ensuring that it is properly maintained and returned in working condition. You’ll also need to determine the cleaning solutions that are suitable for the material of the surfaces you’ll be working on. Wood, concrete, brick and mortar, and even the glass on the windows all require different approaches. Add to this the risks of damage to property and injury to self and others on the premises that come with DIY washing. On top of it all, you can struggle through the process and end up with results that aren’t pleasing. Not only will it irk and frustrate you, but it will have taken a huge chunk out of your time and energy. These could have been spent elsewhere, doing things that you love- hanging out with your significant other, playing with the kids, catching up on the latest episodes of your favourite TV show, binging entire seasons, going out with your friends, or even getting through that project you’ve been working on that will propel you further in your career. For business premises, you don’t want your employees spending their work hours cleaning the exterior surfaces of your establishment, diverting crucial time that they would have spent serving your customers, and simultaneously putting their safety and that of the structures they are working on at risk. You can avoid all this by simply dialling up our power washing Dublin crew. This is what they live for, and have been certified to do.

7. Eco-friendly processes

We only have one planet to live on, and our children and their children are counting on us to protect it. Preserving the earth is a responsibility that each of us has to bear. With our power washing Dublin services, you get to get rid of the grime on your property and reduce your carbon footprint at a go. The systems and cleaning products used comply with EU regulations on biodegradability and environmental sustainability. There are also no toxic fumes generated during the processes, ensuring that the persons on your premises are safe; plus the water reclamation systems that are incorporated contribute to the conservation efforts.

8. Insured services

You are fully protected in case of any mishaps during the cleaning process. The insurance policies covering our power washing Dublin services take the aspects of the entire process into account, from any damage to the property, the equipment that our crew is operating with, to injuries while they’re working. This further shows the level of professionalism that we adhere to.

9. Cost friendly

We have priced our power washing Dublin services to enable you get quality results without breaking the bank. The cost structure takes into account aspects that are unique to your particular situation, such the size of the area being cleaned, and the material of the surfaces, since they will determine the systems and solutions that will be used. In addition, there aren’t any hidden charges that will pop up for you to worry about.

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